Writing an essay conclusion requires dexterity with words

Writing an essay conclusion requires dexterity with words


Applicants to college who are in their 50s are often concerned about how they should approach writing their admission essay. This type of apprehension is normal, considering that you may feel a little awkward about applying to college or graduate school when you are over 50. The truth is, your age shouldn’t discourage you at all and, if anything, you should use your age and experience as your leverage in writing an excellent admission essay. In this  Editius, you will find some advice on how to write a great admission essay to get you into school – no matter how old you are. 

Think of your age as a positive thing 

It is only human to think of age as something of a burden. If you prescribe to this thinking, then it’s important to try and change dissertation proofreading services perspective. Think of this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, The years teach much which the days never knew. The many years that you have lived are a great advantage because with years come experience, reflection, and, ultimately, wisdom. Try to reflect this in your essay. Write about significant, life-changing experiences or simply write about how you feel as a person in your 50s, applying to college. Are you chasing a dream that you don’t what to let die? Express this in your essay to let your personality come through in your writing. 

Stick to the fundamental rules 

Aside from using your experience and age to your advantage, you should also remember to stick to the rules when writing your admission essay. In other words, take time to pay attention to the rules of formatting, minimums or maximums in essay length, and other guidelines. Also, make sure that you keep your objectives in mind when writing your essay. Your main objective is to engage your readers with your personality and persuade them to accept you to their educational institution. Stick to the dissertation editing services rules and with the right perspective, you’ll have an excellent essay in no time.


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